SeriesCoupling TypeCatalog Page PDF
400-402Header Fitting Socket Fusion Plates and Hand ToolPDF
412Header FittingPDF
415Side Fusion Tapping SaddlePDF
500The Standard Reducing TransitionPDF
501Standard Tee with Groove TransitionPDF
502Standard 90 Degree with TransitionPDF
50345 Degree with TransitionPDF
504HDPE Caps with Female NPTPDF
50990 Degree Elbow with Groove TransitionPDF
510Standard Tee with Male TransitionPDF
512Standard Tee with Female TransitionPDF
517HDPE Blind Flange with Female NPTPDF
523Standard Tee with Reducing TransitionPDF
524Branch Saddle with Groove TransitionPDF
525aMolded HDPE Butt Fusion Branch SaddlePDF
525Branch Saddle with Male TransitionPDF
526Branch Saddle with Female TransitionPDF
571Electrofusion Branch Saddle with Male Pipe ThreadPDF
573Electrofusion Branch Saddle with FlangePDF
575Electrofusion Tapping Saddle with CC ThreadPDF
576Electrofusion Tapping Saddle with NPT ThreadPDF
577Electrofusion Tapping Saddle with FPT ThreadPDF
578Electrofusion Tapping Saddle with Groove TransitionPDF
630Bauer Quick DisconnectPDF
631Poly-Cam MalePDF
632Poly-Cam FemalePDF
641Male Camlock TransitionPDF
642Female Camlock TransitionPDF
648Certa-Flo Pulling HeadPDF
649Certa-Com Pulling HeadPDF
650IPS Steel Pulling HeadPDF
651DIPS Steel Pulling HeadPDF
653Yelomine® Pulling HeadPDF
654Certa-Lok® Pulling HeadPDF
656C-900 Pulling HeadPDF
657Aquatherm Pulling HeadPDF
701Cut Groove TransitionPDF
702Transition with Victaulic® AGS™ Adapter Cut GroovePDF
706Garden Hose ThreadPDF
708Female CTS Thread TransitionPDF
709Male CTS Thread TransitionPDF
710Male TransitionPDF
710BZMale NPT Aluminum BronzePDF
710HDMale NPT Heavy DutyPDF
712 Female TransitionPDF
713Transition with Swivel Male NPTPDF
714Transition with Swivel Female NPTPDF
723Socket Transition with Male NPTPDF
724Socket Transition with Female NPTPDF
725Socket Reducer with Male NPTPDF
72690 Degree Socket Transition with Male NPTPDF
728Socket Reducer with Female NPTPDF
730IPS Sch. 40 PVC x PE TransitionPDF
731Sewer PVC (Sch. 35) x PE TransitionPDF
732Transition for Ductile Iron Size PVC/HDPEPDF
735Transition for PVC/HDPEPDF
737ID Controlled PVC/HDPE TransitionPDF
738Transition for CPVC/HDPEPDF
740Hose Barb TransitionPDF
799Field Installed Female HeaderPDF
810Gas Male Thread TransitionPDF
812Gas Female Thread TransitionPDF
815Gas/Water Weld-On Transition (plain end)PDF
816Gas PVC x PE TransitionPDF
817Gas Flange TransitionPDF
821Straight Riser with Male NPTPDF
831Straight/Anodeless Riser with Welded End
833Straight/Anodeless Riser with Male NPT
834Straight/Anodeless Riser with Flange EndPDF
860 ID Control Groove Transition PDF
862 ID Control Threaded Transition
863Sch. 40 ID Controlled Weld-On (A53)PDF
864Sch. 40 ID Controlled Weld-On (A106)PDF
865Extra Heavy ID Controlled Weld-On (A53/A106)PDF
867ID Controlled Weld-On FlangePDF
901Poly-Cam MJ Adapter DIPDF
905Mega Lug KitN/A
908ID Controlled MJ AdapterPDF
911Male Flare TransitionPDF
914Female Flare Swivel TransitionPDF
1010PP-R Transition with Cut GroovePDF
1050PP-R x HDPE TransitionPDF
1060PP-R MJ TransitionN/A
1070Transition for PVC/PP-RPDF
SWPoly-Cam SweepsPDF
SWGSweep with Groove Transitions
DCSWDual Containment Sweeps
SWRSwage HDPE Butt Fusion ReducerPDF