Series 901 The MJ Adapter

The Poly-Cam MJ Adaptor Transition is a double restraint multi-level mechanical transition fitting. The polyethylene or pipe-quality copolymer material are hydraulically compressed into the transition fitting.

Relaxation of the pipe creates a seal to prevent leakage. Under pressure, the internal pressure within the pipe increases the sealing surface area on the barb. Under zero internal pressure, the compression and tensional strain created by the compression of the multi-level barbs are greater than the stress created by relaxation and/or thermal expansion and contraction. As the internal pressure increases, the connection between the pipe material and transition fitting increases.

A MEGALUG® or FIELD LOK® Gasket is required to be used with this product. Standard glands will not completely restrain the expansion/contraction of the HDPE. This design allows installer to use standard length bolts instead of the more costly longer bolts. The double-restraint design also eliminates the need for wait-time in order to backfill.

  • Sizes range from 3” to 24” in both iron and ductile pipe

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