Mission Statement

Poly-Cam, Inc. is committed to providing high-quality transition fittings and top-notch service to all of its customers to help make the world a better place.

Core Values

Commitment-We are dedicated to exceeding customers’ expectations and providing them excellent products they deserve.

Integrity-Honesty, ethics, and respect drive everything we do. We work everyday to earn and keep your trust.

Quality-We are committed to providing quality fittings to fit your needs. Quality is the foundation of customer satisfaction.

Appreciation-Without our amazing customers, we could not serve the many industries we do. Thank you for so many opportunities to help others.

Growth-We continually look for ways to improve and better fit our customer needs. We view challenges as opportunities, not setbacks.


Poly-Cam, Inc. was founded by Kathy Charlson in the fall of 1991 after an unexpected conversation on a cruise sparked an innovative idea. On the cruise, Kathy and her husband, Norm Charlson, met someone who expressed interest in a product that would transition steel to polyethylene. Kathy couldn’t stop thinking about it and saw it as a huge opportunity so she turned to Norm and her son, Gregory Charlson, for help.

The three started to design the product and seek out a manufacturer for the polyethylene transition. No luck! After being doubted and denied, they decided to make it themselves. Many restless weeks later, the original Poly-Cam transition was created using a unique, and later patented, barb system. It was just the beginning of what Poly-Cam, Inc. has evolved to offer to the market today.

Over the years, we have broadened our line of fittings beyond the original Poly-Cam. It includes cut groove transitions, threaded fittings, PVC/HDPE adapters, and many other fittings customers have requested over the years. We continue to look for ways to expand our unique line of fittings to meet the needs of our customers. Thank you for the continued opportunities for growth and service!