Series 1060 PP-R MJ Transition

The Poly-Cam ID Controlled MJ Adaptor Transition is a double restraint multi-level mechanical transition fitting. This design allows a non-reduction, smooth bore transition between the PP-R and Ductile pipe. The polyethylene or pipe-quality copolymer material are hydraulically compressed onto the transition fitting. The PP-R and MJ Adaptor is joined with a compression ring that restrains the PP-R onto the MJ Adaptor.

Relaxation of the pipe creates a seal to prevent leakage.

A MEGALUG®, FIELD LOK®, or TUFGRIP® (Tyler Union) restraint is required to be used with this product. Standard glands will not completely restrain the expansion/contraction of the PP-R. This design allows installer to use standard length bolts instead of the more costly longer bolts. The double-restraint design also eliminates the need for wait-time in order to backfill.

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