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Series 799 Field Installed Female Header Fittings Submittal


The POLY-CAM Female Header Fitting is a barbed mechanical design fitting which is hydraulically compressed into the polyethylene or pipe quality copolymer material. The fitting is fused onto the wall of pipe. This low profile designs allows probes and meters to be inserted without a longer arm. It can also be installed in caps, blind flanges, tees, and elbows.

  • Sizes range from .5” to 2” NPT.
  • All National Pipe Threads are made to ANSI/ASME B1.20.1 – 2013. 

System Performance

The transition fitting is designed to handle the pressure rating of the HDPE pipe with a 2:1 safety factor at 73.40 degrees Fahrenheit with a minimum 50 year design life.

Quality Assurance

The transition fitting shall be manufactured by Poly-Cam, Inc. Poly-Cam, Inc. shall provide quality assurance with regards to proper installation, compatibility, performance, and acceptance.

  • Manufactured to ASTM D3035, D1599, D1598, D3350
  • All fittings meet ARRA requirements.
  • Manufactured in the United States of America.


HDPE pipe end: Install transition fitting in compliance with the pipe manufacturer’s recommended procedures. All field welds shall be accomplished in accordance with Poly-Cam’s welding procedure for Field Installed Header Fitting Fusion.

Threaded Fitting:  When installing the transition fitting:

  • Always use pipe joint sealant or Teflon tape.
  • Always use strap wrenches.
  • Do not use a pipe wrench.  
  • Always use 2 wrenches when connecting.
  • Over tightening may cause ovality or damage.
  • Always pressure test for leaks before backfilling. 
  • Backfill and compact carefully around transition and service line to prevent ground shifts which could damage the valve and/or transition fitting.  


  • Manufactured of C954 grade Aluminum Bronze (Lead Free material this complies with California AB1953,SB1334 and SB1935), Type 304 Stainless Steel or Type 316 Stainless Steel (ASTM A249 or ASTM A269), and C360 Brass Alloy.
  • Coupling is incorporated with HDPE (cell class 345454c) or pipe quality copolymer material. (PE3408, PE3608 and PE4710).
  • All certifications will be submitted upon request.


Warranty period is one year after date of substantial completion of installation.