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Series 731 Transition for PVC/HDPE Sch. 35 Submittal

HDPE Pipe x PVC Pipe Transition Fitting

The transition fitting is constructed out of PVC material, epoxy-coated carbon steel, and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) 3408 pipe. The PVC and HDPE materials are joined together by hydraulically pressing the HDPE pipe onto the epoxy-coated carbon steel coupling with a compression ring supporting the connection. The PVC is pressed inside of the coupling providing a smooth flow for fluids between the HDPE and PVC. This transition fitting was purposefully redesigned for better flow capabilities.

Quality Assurance

The transition fitting shall be manufactured by Poly-Cam, Inc.  Poly-Cam, Inc. shall provide quality assurance with regards to proper installation, compatibility, performance, and acceptance.

System Performance

The transition fitting is designed to handle the pressure rating of the HDPE pipe with a 2:1 safety factor at 73.40 degrees Fahrenheit with a minimum 50 year design life.


Carbon steel coupling: The coupling is manufactured out of A53 grade carbon steel pipe.

The epoxy coating (3M™ Scotchkote™ Fusion-Bonded Epoxy Coating 6233) is fusion bonded to the metal. It has approvals AWWA C213 and C550.

PVC SCH 35: PVC Gasket Sewer Pipe conforms to ASTM D-3034 in sizes 4″ through 15”.

High Density Polyethylene: The transition fitting is constructed with a 3408 HDPE pipe (cell class 345454c) classified according to ASTM D3350.


HDPE pipe end

Install transition fitting to comply with the pipe manufacturer’s recommended procedures.  All field welds shall be accomplished per Plastic Pipe Institute’s welding procedure for butt fusion or electrofusion.

PVC coupling

Install the PVC coupling to comply with the pipe manufacturer’s recommended procedures for solvent cement.

  • Utilize solvent cement that meets ASTM D-2564.
  • Reference ASTM D2855 for two-step installation instructions for pressure applications.


The warranty period is one year after the date of substantial completion of installation.