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Series 908 ID Controlled MJ Adapter Submittal

MJ Adaptor Transitions

The Poly-Cam ID Controlled MJ Adaptor Transition is a double restraint multi-level mechanical transition fitting. This design allows a non-reduction, smooth bore transition between the HDPE and Ductile pipe. The polyethylene or pipe-quality copolymer material are hydraulically compressed into the transition fitting. The HDPE and MJ Adaptor is joined with a compression ring that restrains the HDPE onto the MJ Adaptor.


Relaxation of the pipe creates a seal to prevent leakage.

A MEGALUG®, FIELD LOK®, or TUFGRIP® (Tyler Union) restraint is required to be used with this product. Standard glands will not completely restrain the expansion/contraction of the HDPE. This design allows installer to use standard length bolts instead of the more costly longer bolts. The double-restraint design also eliminates the need for wait-time in order to backfill.

  • Sizes range from 3” to 24” in both iron and ductile pipe

System Performance

The transition fitting is designed to handle the pressure rating of the HDPE pipe with a 2:1 safety factor at 73.40 degrees Fahrenheit with a minimum 50-year design life.

Quality Assurance

The transition fitting shall be manufactured by Poly-Cam, Inc.  Poly-Cam, Inc. shall provide quality assurance with regards to proper installation, compatibility, performance, and acceptance.  The transition joint meets or exceeds the requirements of:

  • ASTM 1598 and ASTM 1599
  • Meets ANSI/AWWA standard C-906


HDPE pipe end:  Install transition fitting to comply with the pipe manufacturer’s recommended procedures. All field welds shall be completed per Plastic Pipe Institute’s welding procedure for butt fusion.

Ductile Fitting:  The entrance of the coupling is tapered at the beginning. The polyethylene or copolymer material is cold pressed onto the coupling. This allows the material to relax into the multi-level barb system.


Ductile Fitting:

  • Manufactured of American-made cast ductile iron.
  • The compression rings are manufactured out 304 stainless steel tubing (ASTM A249 or ASTM A269) and or ERW pipe (ASTM SA-312).

High-Density Polyethylene: HDPE pipe

  • Meets ASTM D-3350 with minimum cell classification values of 345464C (PE 3408), PE445574C (PE 4710)
  • Meets ASTM F714. 
  • Density shall be no less than 0.955 g/cm as referenced in ASTM D1505
  • Melt index no greater than 0.15 g/10 minutes when tested per ASTM D 1238 
  • Tensile Strength at Yield –tensile shall be 3,200 psi to less than 3,500 psi as referenced in ASTM D638
  • ESCR-Environmental Stress Crack Resistance shall be over 5,000 hours with zero failures when tested per ASTM D 1693-Condition C
  • All pipe meets ASTM 3035. 
  • All certifications will be submitted upon request.


The warranty period is one year after the date of substantial completion of installation.