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Series 415
Side Fusion
Tapping Saddle

Side Fusion Tapping Saddle

The Side Fusion Branch Saddle provides a cost effective dependable fitting for the water and industrial markets. The branch saddle can be installed with the standard side fusion equipment in the market today.

Meets ASTM D1598, D1599, D1588, and AWWA C906
• Branch outlet sizes .5"-2" NPT or CC thread (AWWA thread)
• Main size 4"-64" diameters
• Base size available 3" or 4" pivot head
• Full Pressure Rated 230 PSI
• HDPE Branch Saddle PE 3408 ASTM D3350 (Black) Cell Classification 345454C
• Female Threaded Insert Brass Alloy C360 AWWA C 800
• Stainless Compression Ring Grade type 304 or 316