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CTLJT Test 2002.
Test report for 2" SDR. 11 standard coupling, male thread.
The test was performed during 08/19/02 and 09/30/02.
Total hours 1006.

The test was conducted according to requirements in ASTM F 1588 96.

The coupling was tested without an insert and is classified as a mechanical joint
Category 1 in ASTM D 2513.
The load was calculated as specified in ASTM F 1588, under load calculation method 1:
Internal test pressure varied between 80 and 130 PSI.
Dead load weight was 1450 Lbs.
Max internal pressure was calculated at 100 PSI.
Total weight 1450 + 445 = 1895 Lbs.

Hoop stress in crossectional area was calculated to 1290 PSI.

At the end of the test a total elongation of the sample was measured to 0.137"
No slippage were detected between pipe and coupling, and no pullout had occurred.

The test were performed at 75 Deg. F + 5 Deg,

The sample was checked for leakage on a daily schedule.
No leakage was detected at any time.

This test was performed successfully and the results satisfied the
requirements of ASTM F 1588.

Q.A. Manager