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Explanation of a Part Order
Example: 710-0200/CS/11

Series & Coupling Type

Parts Description

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Coupling Type
SDR Size
Header Fitting 0050 .50" CS Carbon Steel Epoxy /17 SDR 17
Side Fusion Tapping Saddle            
Threaded Reducers Transition 0075 .75" S3 303 Stainless Steel /11 SDR 11
Standard 90 Degree Tee with Transition            
HDPE Caps with Female NPT            
Standard Tee with Transition            
Standard Tee with Transition            
Standard Tee with Reducing Transition            
Branch Saddle Male Transition            
Branch Saddle Female Transition            
Electro Fusion Tapping
Saddle with CC Thread
      C954 Bronze, Stainless 316, Stainless 304    
Bauer Quick Disconnect            
Poly-cam Male 0100 1.00" S4 304 Stainless Steel /9 SDR 9
Poly-cam Female 0125 1.25" S6 316 Stainless Steel /7 SDR 7
Male Camlock Transition 0200 2.00" BZ Aluminum Bronze    
Female Camlock Transition 0150 1.50" S9 904 Stainless Steel    
IPS Steel Pulling Head 0250 2.50" B3 360 Brass    
DIPS Steel Pulling Head 0300 3.00" DI Ductile Iron(Size)    
Multi Eye Pulling Head 0400 4.00" IP Iron Pipe (Size)    
Yelomine® Pulling Head 0500 5.00"        
Certa-Lok® Pulling Head 0600 6.00"        
C-900 Pulling Head            
Aquatherm Pulling Head       Carbon Steel    
Cut Groove Transition 0700 7.00"        
Transition with Victaulic® AGS™ AdapterCut Groove            
Female CTS Thread Transition 0800 8.00"        
Male CTS Thread Transition 1000 10.00"        
Male Transition 1200 12.00"        
Male NPT Aluminum Bronze            
Male NPT Heavy Duty            
Female Transition 1400 14.00"        
Socket Transition with Male NPT            
Socket Transition with Female NPT            
Socket Reducer with Male NPT            
90 Degree Socket Transition with Male NPT            
IPS Sch 40 PVC x PE Trans. 1600 16.00"        
Sewer PVC (Sch 35) x PE Trans 1800 18.00"        
C900 PVC x PE Transition 2000 20.00"        
U Bends 2400 24.00”        
Transition for PVC/HDPE            
Transition for HDPE/PVC            
Hose Barb Transition 3000 30.00”        
Field Installed Female Header            
Gas Male Thread Transition            
Gas Female Thread Transition            
Gas/Water Weldon Transition
(plain end)
Gas PVC x PE Transition            
Gas Flange Transition            
ID Control Threaded Transition            
Sch 40 ID Controlled Weldon (A53)            
Sch 40 ID Controlled Weldon (A106)            
ID Controlled Weld-On Flange            
Poly-Cam MJ Adaptor DI            
Mega Lug Kit            
ID Controlled MJ Adapter            
Male Flare Transition            
Female Flare Swivel Transition            
SW Series